Friday, October 13, 2006

Sexual Abuse against Women

Have you heard of sexual abuse in UH? Do you believe that sexual abuse happens in international student housing in UH? What would you do if you are a target of sexual abuse? Sometimes, we do not believe that sexual abuse can happen at campus, particularly in student housing, but this accident can occur to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
According to the federal government’s website, sexual abuse is any type of sexual activity that you do not agree to. Indeed, sexual abuse or sometimes sexual harassment often is directed at women. Maybe not everyone knows that sexual abuse happens at UH because the victims on occasion do not want to talk about it in public. In fact, victims prefers to keep this problem with themselves. In any case, women are shy to tell with each other since they think that sexual abuse is shame, and should be held in reserve. Evidently, society always has perspective that women are cause of sexual abuse. Thus, women are worry if they will be ostracized by their society. Although the society does not know what the reason of this incident is.
I think sexual abuse transpires because of many causes. First, women always are seen to be weak persons, so women did not have chance to choice. Definitely, this condition makes women reserved. Moreover, women’s power is less than men is. Could you image if woman is grabbed from behind by man, she cannot release although she attempts to break free.
In addition, it’s my opinion that almost all men have negative sexual perspectives. For example, when men look at a beautiful girl who walks in front of them, they certainly will stare at her. On the contrary, women can control their desire. Actually, men and women have same desire, but differences are in how they express their desires. Thus, sexual abuse occurs because many people cannot manage their desires, and they think impulsively.
Another cause is laws for sexual abuse. In fact, many countries did not have laws that tell about punishment of sexual abuse. The lack of these laws allows sexual abuse to happen. If the punishment of sexual abuse is low, person committing of violence never is afraid to do it again. This rule is not only in law of government but also in norms of society. To illustrate, my point I will describe members of Dani ethnic group of Indonesia. Men in this ethnic group only use koteka (penis sheath), and women wear skirt of leaves, yet in their society sexual violence against women never occurs. It is because common rules there are very strict. Punishment is very important to prevent sexual abuse.
Finally, I believe the big cause is culture. In truth, culture influences how people view women and how they treat women. If some cultures give respect for women, people will be good and respectful toward women too; and the impression is that women never become victims of sexual abuse. Therefore, culture is influential in allowing and preventing sexual abuse against women.
Overall, sexual abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Indeed, sexual abuse has many causes from external factor and individual factor, such as culture, rule, and view of women. What can you do to prevent sexual abuse from happening? First of all, you should lock your room’s door. Second, you not ever trust anyone. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you should talk with somebody who can help you.


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