Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Hilma

This letter is for my sister Hilma. She wrote a perfect novel, and her novel was published by Matapena Jogjakarta. She asked me to give my opinion about her novel.



How are you doing? I hope everything is going ok. In Hawaii, despite not easy I still survive.

I am proud of you. Although I lived so far from Jogjakarta, I still read your novel. When I read yours, I felt so bad because I remember my stories, yach.. Your story looked like mine.

Frankly, your story was perfect, but I found in many passages you were writing too dramatic. For example, when the central actor (Mulan, right?) came in Banyuwangi, her boy friend pulled her hand. I thought it was too much because her boy friend was a GUS, so he won’t do a wrong thing. I mean that he was too brave. As far as my experience, a Gus, also a Neng, never do something wrong in front of his/her family such as touch other women.

Another case, when you told about her second boyfriend, you told too much, in this case, you almost forgot the central actor. To be honest, I only skim when I read about his story. I thought I didn’t need to read it.

Nevertheless, your story was perfect, you should keep writing. From writing, you can get some benefit in the future. Do you know, until now, every month I am still sending my article to Radar Banyuwangi. I am aware that Radar is not a famous newspaper, but I just want to pour in my desire because writing is one part of my bodies. If I am not writing, maybe I will collapse. To illustrate, I took two writing classes in my univ. I write too much, as a result, my other skills as listening and reading lose, so I should manage my times hehehe. In fact, writing makes my life more interesting. Thus, keep writing and never give up.

I hope I can read your novel in the future soon. Sorry, if my writing in English is still bad, I just keep trying to use English hehhehehehe.