Thursday, November 16, 2006


Sometimes I feel tired, and I want to give up. Studying in abroad is very hard, and everything is unpredictable.

I thought that I never have problems in my study. When I studied in the college, I could finish my study only three and half years; also I became the quickest student in my college. Moreover, my thesis in college was published by Pusat Study Wanita (PSW) IAIN Sunan Kalijaga. Thus, everything was perfect.

However, I am getting many problem in Hawaii. When I was departing to Hawaii, my TOEFL score was still low, so Fond Foundation gave me six month to improve my skill before I join in sociology department. I took three exams in here, and all of them was still not enough to registration in Sociology. I felt so bad. I think and cry a lot.

Actually, I have already negotiated with EWC and IIEF, and they were giving three option. First of all, if my score on November 17 is enough, I can become unclassified student in sociology program. Then, if my score is low, I can continue in language training and intake class in fall semester. The last thing is if until fall semester my score cannot be used to registration, I must go home.

Frankly, three options made me glad. Nevertheless, I am still worried. My exam will come up tomorrow, but I am not sure about my preparation. I just keep positive thinking.

Totally I agree with my friend. He told that we should share job with Allah. Our job is studying hard, and the result is Allah's job. It means that I should not worry because Allah will give a good thing for me, and God will make everything possible. I believe that.

Keep praying and never give up