Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Preferences

To be honest, before I got scholarships from the Ford Foundation, I never cared about English. In fact, my GPA in the college English class was C. I did not know why I did not care. Actually, when I studied in junior school, I loved English very much. However, after that, my parents sent me to Islamic Boarding School, I never learned English there. Every day I only used Arabic language.

I love writing. Every time I have free time, I always write articles. Until now almost every month my articles have been published by a newspaper in my country. Because of this hobby, in learning English, I prefer to develop myself by writing.

I think when I write, I can get some benefit. First of all, I can improve my vocabulary. Second, in writing, I will be able to correct my grammar. I also feel I am supported to look for many ideas. Of course, to search ideas I should read a lot of books, journals, and newspapers.

Obviously, writing can push me to many good things. On the other hand, listening is also important. I am aware that my listening is poor since I only spend my time writing. Thus, I decide to divide my time not only writing but also listening.

Second language class in HELP 2006