Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I do not know what I want to talk about concerning Krashen because I have bad memorize. I remember when I studied in junior school, I loved English very much, but I could never speak to English language. I only liked how I could analyze grammar. Actually, I really wanted to speak English, but I known my teacher did not know how to speak English either.

Some of my friends hated English. In their opinion, English was very difficult, I was aware about it, and I thought this problem was caused by teacher. Could you imagine, in the first time, my teacher taught 16 tenses, and he gave me homework to memorize all of the tenses. It was so bad. We only knew about 16 tenses; on the other hand, we never understood how to use them.

Basically, I agree that language is a habit, so for me Krashen’s theory is a good way to begin learning languages. In my perspective, knowing grammar is essential too. Krashen’s theories, however, are more important. Maybe, the good way is we can combine both, or we can study both together.

In short, improving English can be done with Krashen’s theories and study grammar too.

Second language class in HELP 2006