Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What is wrong with Obama?

Do you know Barach Hussein Obama? He is going to be a new senator in US from Illinois. So, what is special about him? Actually, nothing special about him is if he is not a Moslem. Therefore, everything will go special because he is only one senator who is a Moslem.

Obama was born in racial level. His father was from Kenya, and his mother was a white American. He spent part of his youth in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii where he was born.

To be honest, I did not really understand about his problem and senator, I only heard that US senators are still debating about him. Basically, the debate is coming out from two causes. First, his name looks like Osama whom is the first terrorist target that is sought by US. The second reason is in US senator if somebody will be raised to be a senator; he or she has to take his/her oath under holy book. Due to this, it means that Koran will be come in US senator building.

Evidently, Obama is a great politician. He already did great jobs when he was in Illinois statehouse. According to Rose Brooks’s article in The Honolulu Advertiser, Obama is a good leader. Thus, why is not Obama to be a US senator?

In this case, I believe that US is still racial country not only in religion but also in race. In my opinion, I know that US culture basics on Bible. However, we cannot generally assume that the US government is Christian owner. Undoubted, US residents are not only Christians but also from many religions. Although Christians are the biggest population in US, but it does not mean that government can pressure their residents to be Christen followers.

Like black Americans, Moslems are also seen to be second level. I listened, for instance, to the radio two weeks ago. A Moslem woman who wears veil was required to take off her veil by her boss because her boss was not comfortable talking with her without looking at her face. Of course, we could not support her boss because wearing veil is her deal with God not with her boss. Moreover, everybody should respect with her decision.

This condition extremely is different from US jargon “Democracy country.” Democracy means that everybody is given good respect, and the government offers his or her rights. So, what is democracy for US government? I think US government should commit with their principle to keep democracy.

In Obama case, in my eyes, US should decide which one the best thing for them either allow Koran coming in senator building or no Holy Books anymore in senator building.

PS: This is not a great writing. It is only about my nervousness. In addition, I just want to pour my thinking in writing.