Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yesterday I had taken ELI placement test. The English Language Institute (ELI) is a part of the internationally renowned Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawaii. The primary purpose of the ELI is to provide English instruction for international and immigrant students who have been admitted to the university and who do not speak English as a native language, in order to facilitate their academic studies. Thus, ELI is only for unclassified UH students.

I took ELI placement test because from this test, I could know my ability, and the result of ELI test could be used to assume how many score in TOEFL. Since if I take Toefl, the result will be released four weeks after test, on the other hand, I should submit my application as soon as possible. Unlike toefl, ELI result could be known a few minutes after test.

Kim Small who is my scholarship coordinator told me that if my score in ELI is similar to a high score in Toefl (same as required from my major), I could be used ELI score to apply in my major. This test is a big deal for me because I did not have big expectation from iBT. In fact, iBT is more complicated than ELI is.

I only have three days to prepare ELI test after Kim Small told me on last Tuesday. To be honest, I was not ready to face this test, but I did not have choice, so I should take it.

ELI test has three section that are writing, listening and reading. In writing, we are given 45 minutes to complete one essay, and the topic of essay we could choose one of two topics, which are talking about global issues and a political change. Besides, I chose global issues especially women problems. Then, in the listening, we should do two parts. First thing is dictation, and second is academic listening with long conversation. The last is reading. Like listening, reading has two parts. In the first time, I should answer gab-filling, than reading comprehension test.

After I done all of sections, I only needed ten minutes to accept my result. Swear when I was seating in front of ELI director (Kenton), I am nervous. He appeared smile, but I didn’t want to guess what the meaning from his smile was because I know that American's characters always keep smile whatever they will say bad or good news. Finally, he said, “Nihayatul, I bring good news for you." Of course, I asked him soon, "What is it?” With smile he said, "Your score can be used to apply in UH." ALHAMDULILLAH. Finally, I got it.

Although I can follow my class in spring semester, it is not the end of the war. The real war is when I study in class, so for me, it is the first step to entry in more difficult situation. Readings, homework, and many other assignments have ready in my future days.

Bismillah. I hope I can surmount anything will come.

Thank for your support friends. I love you