Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Motivation

Motivation, for me, is a big deal because from it I can keep my spirit. For example, my motivation is to study abroad, and to achieve that I should learn English.

Frankly, 70 % of my motivation comes from myself, and only 30 % from my family and my friends. To illustrate, last week, when I knew that my score was still not high enough to apply at UH, my family and my friends were crying for me since I might have to go home. However I am still struggling to negotiate about my funding. As a result, they give me three options. First, they gave me one opportunity to take an iBT test again on November 17. If my score is enough, I can join at UH in the spring semester. Second, if my score is still low, they will give me a chance to continue in language training, and I will take a class in the fall semester. The last option is if until fall semester my score cannot be used to apply at UH, I must bring my suitcase to Indonesia .

I know my situation is not easy, but I believe that it is too early to give up. Moreover, I always keep positive thinking that my funding chose me because I never give up.

In short, this story can give a lesson that my intrinsic motivation is more than my extrinsic motivation because I am still brave to achieve my goals.

Second Language class in HELP 2006